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Recruitment policy:

A good human resource needs to have all three factors: Good knowledge, Good skills and Good attitude. However, we determine the recruitment strategy is focused on the attitude (enthusiasm) of the candidate. Because we think the first virtue to create a good employee is a good attitude, then come knowledge and skills. Knowledge and skills can be improved if the attitude is good

Education policy:

The Board of Directors of the company always focuses on training employees and considers it a top priority policy. With the characteristics of a company distributing consumer products in the family, in addition to training marketing skills and other interpersonal skills (sales process, communication skills, planning skills …), the company also places special importance on professional training on product-relating skills

Management always thinks of employees as the image of the company. Therefore, the training of employees is a regular and continuous task with the desire that mentioning IMEXCO staff is to mention people who are professional, always enthusiastic and sincere.

Evaluation policy and recognition:

The Board of Directors is always consistent with the motto “Together to succeed” and “Get rich together”. Therefore, the Board of Management always assesses and acknowledges promptly and appropriately the personnel working in the company through clear criteria such as scoredcard, KPI, sales bonus …

With evaluation and recognition strategy:

“Work smarter, work harder and be more creative to receive more”

“The person who gets the job done in the shortest amount of time is the best one, if everything takes more time then normal people can also do it.”

We believe that the true competencies of our employees will be discovered, nurtured and promoted by the Board of Directors as well as we commit to provide satisfactory benefits.

Working environment and corporate culture:

The company is committed to build a modern, diverse, flexible working environment with a youthful and dynamic identity based on a friendly and open corporate culture that helping each other and being specificcally explained by 08 regulations on acts:

  1. For Employees: Discipline and Model
  2. For colleagues: Support and Sincerely
  3. For superiors: Serious and Self-conscious
  4. For Company: Honesty and Engagement
  5. For customers: Respect and Care
  6. For partners: Cooperation and Closeness
  7. For opponents: Secret and Clever
  8. For work: Don’t Think of Difficulties.

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