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With the philosophy is to diversify operating sectors of company, investment sector was established and consequently bring good results to the company. Currently, we are  key shareholders of some companies that operates in many sectors with model of JSC and Association.

Some companies are invested by IMECO, including:


Vietnam Megavet Veterinary JSC was founded on 02/11/2011 operating mainly in the field of importing and distributing veterinary medicinal products and other biological products in Vietnamese market. Currently, Megavet has cooperated with partners from Japan, Algeria, Turkey and India as well as sales network has been set up in many provinces and cities all over the country.

Products imported and exclusively distributed by Megavet include:

  • Probiotic and herbal supplements for animals.
  • Antibiotics for animals.
  • Vaccine.

Megavet’s motto in business is focusing on offering biosafety technical solutions for livestock as to contribute to improve the clean quality on livestock products in Vietnam.

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