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Distribution is one of our three main areas of activity. With professional-working staff, we have established a nationwide distribution network with 13 member units, created 200 distributors, nearly 30,000 wholesale and retail agents, supplying goods to More than 6000 points of sale and supermarket. Currently, we are distributing many brands to domestic and foreign manufacturers.

With wide-covering distribution system in Viet Nam, IMEXCO has quickly updated on precise information of the market. Therefore, our company can implement prompt and effective policy to achieve the best business results.


DORCO is not only a leading Korean brand name but also a multinational group in the field of razor, razor blade, kitchen knives and stationery cutters. The company has been manufacturing and exporting the highest quality of blades to reputable clients around the world for 55 years. DORCO has a leading brand “PACE” in the razor category. Furthermore, over 1,200 different SKU’s in razors, blades, double edge blades, many different kinds of kitchen knives and stationery cutters are being offered under “DORCO” brands and private label lines. They have exported the wide ranges of products to about 100 countries over the world and have increased significantly in the world’s market share. They provide mainly customer-oriented products for private label in Sainsbury, Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi and so forth in Europe and CVS, Walgreen, K-Mart, Dollar General as well as in North America through DORCO brand, or “Pace” to other retail and wholesale markets over the world. They never stop developing new technologies for customers’ convenience and put in lots of efforts to develop environmentally sustainable products. So, DORCO has been and always aims to become one of the top global leaders in the razor business.


Summit Company, USA, a multinational Group is famous for baby and mom products under the brand name of Pureen such as shampoo, bath, mild and gentle powder, feeding bottles, nipples, etc. Now, Pureen has the third market share in the world about products for baby and mom.

With the motto “Thinking about Baby and You” during 35 years of formation and development of product line for baby and mom, Pureen has been applying new advanced formula to bring the highest quality and safety for babies so that they can feel the comfort and calmness. Pureen products are varied and diversified so that it can meet with all of the customers’ demand.

Sang Hwang Mi-in Company, Korea

Sang Hwang Mi-in is a famous cosmetic company in Korea, the company has 10 -year history in the field of manufacturing Korean traditional cosmetics made mainly from Sang-Hwang mushroom whose scientific name is Phellinus Linteus. Phellinus Linteus is known for many effects such as cancer treatment, anti-aging or health recovery by increasing immune system. The company has been researching this unique mushroom’s components and its extract for around ten years. As a result, their research works acquired a variety of license of inventions for anti-acne, anti-aging and whitening about Phellinus Linteus’ extracts and it is now cultivated organically by the company. Moreover, they have been selected by the government as one of the leading company in recognition of their innovative R&D capability in researching and developing traditional Korean herbs. They sell their products at big department stores such as Lotte, Hyundai and Shinsegae in Korea and export to 15 countries in the world. Their products were selected as the most preferable products in pharmacy chains in Korea. In 2011, Sang Hwang Mi-in chose IMEXCO as their exclusive distribution partner to develop their products in Vietnam market.

BIS – Korea

BIS is a leading Korean partner of Imexco’s in the field of oral care. BIS has been manufacturing Nano technology toothbrush since 2005 and has exported its products to many European and American countries. Since 2010, Imexco has become the BIS exclusive distributor in Vietnam for almost famous products of BIS: TRANSPARENT TOOTHBRUSH using Nanotechnology on various kind of materials: gold, silver, charcoal, chlorella, xylitol, fluoride with ability of killing 99, 9% bacteria on the brush.

Multibrands Ltd. – UK

Since the company was founded in 1998,Multibrands has consistently achieved steady growth in the UK across Europe and throughout the World. They now sell their high quality products in over 100 countries and across 6 continents. Since 2011, IMEXCO has become Vietnamese exclusive distributor of Multibrands, starting with two first product groups: LIPICE lip balm, and FLOURODINE toothpaste. In the near future, Imexco and Multibrands will proceed to add some other personal care products into Vietnamese market.


HO Pharmaceutical Company

HO Pharmaceutical Company- Australia runs business in the field of Pharmacy and Cosmetic medicine in Australia. At present, HO Pharmaceutical Company has partnered with Duong Trinh, Co. Ltd and Vietnam IMEXCO Trading JSC to strengthen export operation and exclusive distribution of their goods in Vietnam market. HO Pharmaceutical Company marked its presence in Vietnam market through the first product line of hand wash which has numerous scents such as porcelain flower, strawberry, lavender and pearl. HO Pharmaceutical Company also introduced a new definition of hand wash which has emulsion so that Vietnamese consumers could have more choices to select. As HO Pharmaceutical Company originated as a Pharmacy and Cosmetic medicine company, they are always aware of building their image as an exemplary company specializing in products that have natural origin and good quality. Currently, the company is one of big partners of many well-known retailers in the world such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, Watson, etc.


Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah

Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, founded by Merrill J. Fernando, currently the world’s most experienced teamaker, has excellent quality, authenticity and variety in tea. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against the industry trend to declare its commitment to authenticity. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah as they offer a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea freshly packed at source. Dilmah is known as “Ethical Tea” since  all packaging profits are kept in Sri Lanka to fund the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. They believe that Business is a Matter of Human Service.


Lock & Lock is registered in the international market with food containers using 4-sided locking technology, which is considered a huge step forward compared to conventional plastic containers with lids, helping business to gained more than 60% market share in the Korean local market and became an airtight plastic box manufacturer reaching US $ 160 million in 2006. So far, Lock & Lock has been present in more than 120 countries. Each year, Lock & Lock launches more than 700 new products, covering most kitchen appliances with the goal of becoming the world’s No. 1 brand in 2020.

European Food Plc Co., Ltd

European Food Plc Co., Ltd. was established on the 13th November 1984 at Poochao Saming Prai Road in Samut Prakarn Province. At present our company has expanded its production facilities by investing in infrastructure and installation of latest technology production equipment in the factory which is located in industrial estate zone 3 in Prachinburi Province. Focusing on producing high quality products and using the latest technology along with being meticulous in every step of production, Euro has been successful in clean, delicious products and has bring continuous and ultimate satisfaction for customers.


Doggyman H.A.Co., Ltd is a Japanese company specializing in distributing pet products with sales volume of 200 million USD per year. Since 2006, Doggyman is one of the biggest importing partners of Imexco with various kinds of pets products. This business has created many job opportunities for the Vietnamese disabled because IMEXCO use their handmade products to export to Japan. This is one of the social responsibility and non-profit projects that IMEXCO associate with Japanese partner in order to improve the living standard of disabled people in Vietnam.

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