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Currently, IMEXCO has established a nationwide distribution system with 13 member units, established 200 distributors, nearly 30,000 wholesale and retail agents, providing goods to more than 6000 points of sale and supermarkets.. … IMEXCO is also maintaining a good relationship with dozens of domestic and foreign partners.

As the distribution system is all over the whole country; IMEXCO has quickly updated on precise information of the market. Therefore, our company can implement prompt and effective policy to achieve the best business results.

Our current key product groups, include:

  • Mothers & Babies products category
  • Toiletries category
  • Cosmetics category
  • Food category
  • Paint category
  • Consumer goods category


IMEXCO was initially formed from the field of Import and Export, so far this field has created the core value of the business with a turnover of millions of USD / year. Currently we have dozens of partners in many countries around the world such as England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Algeria …

Import and export fields include:

  • Export goods manufactured by Vietnam.
  • Entrusted import in many fields from consumer goods to industrial manufacturing equipment.
  • Import for the main activities of the Company.


The philosophy of IMEXCO Company is to diversify business sectors; so the investment sector was established and brought about better performance for the company. At the moment, we are key shareholders of some companies that operate in many different sectors with model of Joint Stock Company and Association.

Some companies are invested by IMEXCO:

  • Viet Nam Megavet JSC: veterinary medicine production, trade and distribution.
  • Truc Moc AChau JSC (Association with Chinese partner): Establishing the factory chains converting bamboo into materials in order to exporting to China.
  • Viet Nam 3Chenes Cosmetic JSC (Association with German partner): Trading and distributing products of 3Chenes brand in Viet Nam.

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