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Foundation of IMEXCO was import & export sector. Until now this sector has been core value of the company with turnover of millions usd each year. Now, we have many importing & exporting partners over the world such as: England, France, Germany, Greece, Australia, India, Turkey, Japan, Korea, China and Algeria…
Key Partners
Doggyman limited Company
Hy Hoa Limited Company
Taeyang Limited Company

About the import sector, initially we have established some clients in such markets as Japan, Taiwan, Germany, China and Korea. our export products are including: toys for home animals, bamboo coal and kinds of bamboo materials.


Doggyman H.A.Co., Ltd is a Japanese company specializing in distributing pet products with sales volume of 200 million USD per year. Since 2006, Doggyman is one of the big importing partners of Imexco with the various kinds of pets products.

This business has created many job chances for Vietnamese disable people because Imexco save all hand made products for them.
This is one of the social responsibility and non-profit projects that IMEXCO associate with Japanese partner in order to improve the life standard of disable people in Vietnam.

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